The Only One

Strange New Dawn

Metal album featuring the Botteri Twins.

Only One the album is finally released. Xbotteri started working on the album around the same time as In The Woods had its farewell concert at Caledonien Hall. Rx Draumtanzer joined in for vocals pretty early on. Xbotteri and Rx Draumtanzer wrote the lyrics together. Cm: Botteri was of course the only option for the bass. Sven Rothe was asked to join the band a little before his departure of Neongod. He and Richard also helped out recording a demo and preproduction of the album. The band decided to record the album at Jailhouse studios owned by Hans Eidskaar. Hans is also playing the lead guitars on the album.

Only one the album is about visions and dreams...

The 4 core members of the band..

Xbotteri, Cm:Botteri, Rx Draumtanzer and Sven Rothe is already planning another album.

The next album will be recorded together with Richard Sahlin at Burn Hill Studio in Sogndalen. We can reveal that the title for the next album will be : "Eye opener"

The Botteri Twins is right now also working on the comeback with In The Woods...

It might take another year or two before the next album will be released.

Right now Sven is working on a full music video of Only one that will be about an hour long. All band members also helping out and involved in the project too.

Check out this album. More to come in the future...

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